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In the summer after a thunderstorm 
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 In the summer after a thunderstorm
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Picture Number3034 
TitleIn the summer after a thunderstorm 
Year of creation2022 
Sizes8"x8" (20cm x 20cm) 
MaterialsOil on panel MDF 
Painting StyleTonalism 
Price94 $
MountingReady for hanging 
DescriptionI will definitely write lightning in the day. The spectacle is simply amazing. Huge black clouds suddenly light up with a bright light and it seems that there is no place left on the planet where even a small shadow would remain. Light penetrates everywhere and stays there for a moment. And a little later, a deafening blow is heard, and if you hear thunder almost immediately after lightning, then it hit the ground very close. 
 In the summer after a thunderstorm 
 In the summer after a thunderstorm 
 In the summer after a thunderstorm 
KeywordsIn the summer after a thunderstorm, small oil painting, livingroom décor, pastel beige color, landscape paintings, clouds sky and field, southwestern art, western wall art, original handmade, neutral decor design, fields in minnesota, birthdays present, soulful oil painting, minimalist home art